How many CT scans can you have in a year?

How many CT scans can I have

There is no recommended limit on how many computed tomography (CT) scans you can have. CT scans provide critical information. When a severely ill patient has undergone several CT exams, the exams were important for diagnosis and treatment.

Medical follow-up care is seldom required for radiation exposure from diagnostic examinations. Effects from radiation are too rare to be a significant consideration, and exceptions are unusual. One example of an exception might be a pediatric patient who has had many CT exams. It would be appropriate to include this radiation exposure as part of the child’s medical history.

Age and Radiation Sensitivity

Age plays an important role in radiation sensitivity. Adults have less risk for radiation-induced health conditions, such as thyroid problems, than children.

In patients age 60 and older, radiation exposure is not as significant an issue. The body tissues of older patients are less sensitive to the effects of radiation. Plus, illnesses that affect older patients more often require CT scans than illnesses that affect children.

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