World’s Most Advanced PET/CT Scan System Installed in Honolulu

InSight Imaging announced the recent installation of a Philips Vereos PET/CT (positron emission tomography/computed tomography) system at their Honolulu location, the world’s first full digital PET/CT scan.

This machine is only the 25th install in the U.S. and 67th worldwide

This tool can help local physicians better make evaluations to determine the best course of action for their patients. With early detection, patients could avoid a biopsy or another invasive procedure, which in turn lowers the cost of care to the patient.

“No longer will Hawaii imaging patients have to travel to the Mainland or wait years for new, more exact, technology to arrive to these islands. We are excited to be able to offer our loyal patients this important advancement in diagnostic imaging,” explained Insight Imaging President Massimiliano “Max” Clini.

The most common applications of PET in cancer patients are for aiding clinicians in the diagnosis when other tests are inconclusive, staging the extent of cancer, and monitoring for disease recurrence before it escalates or spreads, potentially saving lives. “This state-of-the-art technology will help us identify issues with unmatched precision and data, making the procedure more convenient and less stressful for our patients and their busy schedules,” added Clini.

A PET scan is cost-effective and fast, as it allows whole-body scans.

It is Medicare-approved for a number of indications and is approved by many insurance plans.

With the installation of the PET/CT complete, InSight Imaging now offers the latest technological advancements in oncology, cardiology, and brain imaging. InSight will become only the 25th facility nationwide to offer this technology, 67th worldwide.

The Philips Vereos PET/CT allows for improved detectability of small lesions, uncompromised detectability and quantification at 1/2 the PET dose, and uncompromised lesion detectability in 1/10th the time.

“The new Philips Vereos PET/CT scanner at InSight Imaging offers state-of-the-art technology with superior clinical applications for the care of cancer patients in Hawaii,” explained Honolulu Radiologist Dr. Lynn Madanay.

“This leap from analog to digital technology offers the opportunity to more accurately detect smaller cancer lesions, improve patient comfort with faster scans, and lower radiation dose.”

With new technology developing in the medical field, even more advanced PET/CT scans will no doubt be developed in the future. These advanced scans can lead to quicker diagnoses for illness/injuries and save lives.

Source: Khon2

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