Virtual Reality: From Video Game to Operating Room

It seems a new horizon is dawning on the world of virtual reality, most commonly associated with immersive video games, has now been approved for use in a new environment, a much more serious one at that. Operating rooms across the country can expect to see virtual reality (V.R. headsets) rolling into their hospitals around 2022. PrecisionOS® has received a 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market InVisionOS™ a patient specific planning tool using Virtual Reality (VR). The patented software, to be available in early 2022, lets surgeons use an Oculus Quest 2 device to do preoperative planning. Quoted from Yahoo
“We focus on developing products that improve the confidence, competency and proficiency of surgeons, ultimately benefiting patient outcomes,” says Danny Goel, M.D., CEO, PrecisionOS. “Our new InVisionOS software, which took four years to develop, allows surgeons to visualize patient specific needs and better plan for surgery.”

Will this technology lead a different type of person into the classroom to become a surgeon, or maybe it will just change the future of the operating room as we’ve known it.

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