Foot Pain? A PET San Can Effectively Diagnose Cause of Unclear Foot Pain

Foot CT PET scan

Foot pain is a common problem in the daily routine of any orthopedic surgeon.

It can be a clinical symptom of many different issues, from stress fractures to tumors. Multiple imaging modalities are available to help diagnose specific types of foot pain. A single scan could diagnose the cause of foot pain better and with less radiation exposure to the patient than other methods, according to a study in The Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

A foot issue that as become more common – Osteomyelitis in the diabetic foot, can be difficult to diagnose and has serious consequences. PET/CT has several advantages compared to other anatomical and functional imaging methods, including short acquisition time, high resolution, low radiation dose, and better tolerability. Further research is required to establish its role in the clinical practice.

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